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“Earthquake Prediction System Yurekurun” for the risk management of your business

While the number of businesses that adopt the emergency earthquake warning system is increasing, many of you must be wondering how you can react and what you can do when you receive an alert a few seconds before a big earthquake hits your area.
It is our hope that you would utilize this system along with the short-term version of the earthquake prediction system “Yurekurun.”

What is the prediction accuracy of “Yurekurun”? It analyzes electromagnetic data collected from the nationwide observation points. For earthquakes that are M5 or larger, the system predicts them for the date of occurrence within ± 2 weeks, up to an epicenter range of 100km, and to a scale with a margin of error of ±M0.5. In order to prevent earthquakes from causing devastating damage to your company’s employees or infrastructure, this system can help you mitigate the damage that could be caused to your company’s business operations.

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