Researchers of Earthquakes and Volcanic Studies at Universities, etc.

- Request for Joint Research -

Our “Yurekurun” Group, which sends out earthquake prediction information obtained by observing electromagnetic noise using Reverse Radio, is always looking for people who work at universities, colleges, technical colleges, public or private research institutions, etc., so we can work together.

We are looking for:

  1. People who have done studies related to earthquakes and volcanoes, and want to research earthquake prediction or volcanic activity using electromagnetic noise.
  2. People who have not studied earthquakes and volcanoes but are interested and want to start studying these topics.
  3. People who research damage reduction from earthquakes and volcanoes, and disaster mitigation and reduction, etc.

If you fall under one of 1 -3 categories, you will be contacted only when our Group decides that you are eligible.

Benefits for Research Collaboration

  1. You receive a premium membership (monthly fee of 1000 JPY) that grants you access to earthquake prediction information and graphs free of charge (renewed annually).
  2. You receive all the electromagnetic noise data from the past 10 years collected nationwide free of charge.
  3. You can rent a Reverse Radio (Retail price: 350,000 JPY including tax) free of charge (renewed annually)
  4. If you wish to rent more than one Reverse Radio (Retail price: 350,000 JPY including tax), you may be eligible for a discounted price (academic price) upon consultation.

Requests upon Research Support

If you decide to join us in researching earthquake and volcanic eruption prediction information, we would like you to sign a simple agreement and agree to send research reports to keep us updated on any progress twice a year.
Also, we may ask your permission to release your research results on our homepage.

Please contact us to inquire about the joint research

Please contact us any time about Yurekurun, research positions, etc.