For People in Mass Media

- Request for Verifications and Evaluations of Earthquake Prediction Information -

Our “Yurekurun” Group, an earthquake prediction information distribution service using Reverse Radio to observe electromagnetic noise, is looking for those in the mass media who can help us evaluate earthquake prediction information and verify its effectiveness.

We are looking for:

  1. People who belong to mass media companies related to newspapers, magazines, television, radio stations and are involved in news about earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or disaster prevention.
  2. People who work in mass media and are interested in starting a job related to earthquakes and volcanoes.
  3. Only those who fall under 1 or 2, and pass a simple review by our Group will be contacted.

As this research requires a serious commitment, we will not accept anyone who does not use scientific methods such as prophets, psychics or those who practice the occult.

Benefits of Research Collaboration

  1. You receive a premium membership (monthly fee of 1000 JPY) that grants you access to earthquake prediction information and graphs free of charge (renewed annually)
  2. You can rent a Reverse Radio (Retail price: 350,000 JPY including tax) free of charge (renewed annually).

Requests if You Decide to Support the Research

If you decide to join us for the purpose of obtaining earthquake and volcanic eruption prediction information, we would like you to sign a simple agreement and agree to help us evaluate and verify the prediction information when actual earthquakes occur.
We will discuss specific methods individually.

Contact us

Please contact us for any inquiries you may have about Yurekurun.