The Reverse Radio Earthquake Prediction Information Site
“Yurekurun” Terms of Service

April 2, 2019
Shinko Engineering Research Corp.

Article 1 <Name>

This service is called the Reverse Radio Earthquake Prediction Global Center, also known as “Yurekurun.”

Article 2 <Objective>

To provide members with earthquake prediction observation information.

Article 3 <Membership registration>

Fill out the specified registration form, and follow the instructions for membership subscriptions.

Article 4 <Membership requirements>

After completing the registration process in compliance with the terms of service and payment of the membership fee, you will receive an email from us. Once you receive the email, your membership registration will be complete.

Article 5 <Membership fees>

Members are subject to a monthly subscription fee.

Article 6 <Termination of membership>

Your membership will be terminated only when you fail to pay the monthly membership fee.

Article 7 <Withdrawal>

Members may withdraw from the service anytime by contacting the office.

Article 8 <Transfer of ownership>

Memberships to this service are not transferable.

Article 9 <Member confidentiality>

Members’ names will not be disclosed. The list of members will not be published. No members will have access to one another's contact information.

Article 10 <Information contents and limitation of liability>

Of the information our company provide to our members, the data is all true and the predictions are made based on the data. However, in no event will our company be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages whatsoever arising from your access or use of or inability to access or use the information provided.

Article 11 <Update frequency>

The frequency of the content update is once a week as a basic rule. You may receive additional emergency emails in the case of the possibility of a big earthquake.

Article 12 <Privacy policy, disclosure and copyright>

The information we provide may not be disclosed to any third parties, all rights reserved. Violating the terms of service will result in an immediate termination of your membership. However, this excludes any circumstances in which the member obtained our company’s approval in advance.

Article 13 <Revisions to terms of service>

The terms of service for members may be subject to change without notice for improvements. In addition, this service may be subject to cancellation after members receive a notification by our company,

Article 14 <Exemption>

In no event will our company be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages or losses whatsoever arising from the earthquake prediction observation information or the web service for members or third parties. In addition, the member shall be personally liable in the event that he or she should cause damage or loss to our company or third parties by violating the terms of service or disclosing/transferring provided information to third parties. The member shall be personally liable for any action taken.