Earthquake Prediction Timeline <Electromagnetic Noise Earthquake Prediction Studies>

History of Earthquake Prediction Research

January 1995 The inter-industry group started studying earthquake predictions after the Great Hanshin and Awaji Earthquake.
March 1995 “Reverse Radio,” a device that automatically identifies natural electromagnetic noise, was developed. First prototype was made.
July 1995 A patent application for the Reverse Radio was submitted.
August 1995 A few volunteers started observing earthquake precursors.
July 1997 Research Paper: “Establishing Earthquake Prediction Network by Detecting Electromagnetic Noise” Engineers/The Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan
September 2000 It was designated as a model project to receive “Subsidies for unique technology” by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. 20 observation points and the data transmission system via the Internet were established. Since then, many earthquakes have been predicted.
May 2001 Reverse Radio Patent “Patent No. 3188609 Electromagnetic noise detector/analyzer”
2003 A series of earthquakes including Northern Miyagi Earthquake on July 26 (M6.2 and M5.6), Northwestern Chiba Earthquake on October 15 (M5.0) and Earthquake off Fukushima Prefecture on October 31 (M6.8) were detected.
November 2005 NPO International Earthquake Prediction Research Institute was established. A total of 35 observation points are run by volunteers and the prediction information is posted on the homepage (members only).
August 2007 The existing system’s flaws were discovered, started making improvements.
November 2007 Improvements were made, and the application process was completed.
July 2008 Subsidies for applying for overseas patents were granted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center.
October 2008 The overseas patent applications were completed (USA, China, Turkey, Hong Kong, Italy, Greece, Taiwan)
September 2009 New earthquake prediction website “Kurukamo (service ended)” was established.
January 2011 Predicted the Great East Japan Earthquake, a warning email was sent out from “Kurukamo (service ended)”
July - October 2012 Acquired patents in Taiwan, USA and China.
October 2013 Reverse Radio new patent “Automatic noise signal identification system”
March 2014 Completion of the PC-LESS controller for Reverse Radio
May 2014 “Earthquake predictions you can do at home using “Reverse Radio” was published in CQ Publishing Company’s RF World.
August - December 2014 Acquired patents in Greece, Italy and Turkey
May 2016 Invited as the only guest from overseas to present at Turkey Earthquake and Disaster Prevention Seminar along with the Prime Minister, shook hands.
December 2016 Completion of the new PC-LESS controller with GPS.
March 2017 Gave a lecture about Reverse Radio at the Regional Disaster Prevention Symposium
September 2017 Ended “Kurukamo” earthquake prediction site
April 2018 Released an article on Facebook and a blog about the data collected at the observation point in Kagoshima that can be used to predict volcanic eruptions.
May 2019 Started “Yurekurun” earthquake prediction site.